Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Zoo Review

I read the book, "Zoo" over several week due to school. Once school was over, I finished it in days. 

The overall gist of the book is that the animals get angry with humans and conflict arises. The conflict is called "HAC" (Human Animal Conflict) coined by the main character, Jackson Oz. He tries for several years to get scientists to listen and he tried to warn the people to be aware. The situation gets worse, and its global. He noticed it on a trip to Africa when the male lions were pacing up and actively hunting the humans. There he met the other main character, and later his girlfriend. He was able to get a video, and showed several scientists when he got home. 

Once he finally got the scientific community to believe that HAC was real and it was happening, the next big job was getting the political leaders to realize that this was heeppening, and get to work on fixing it. He was liabled as a conspiracy theories, "whack nut", "nut job" and others by the political leaders. During this time, his monkey attacked his ex girlfriend, destroyed his apartment, and escaped. All the while, Chloe (his girlfriend) was his constant support and was involved in the scientific community herself. 

The political community finally believes that HAC was happening after several dogs attack residents in several different big cities. Their first plan was to bomb the dogs, thinking that without the angry dogs, there would not be attacks. This just gets worse, because there are more dogs to take the place of the dogs that were blown up, as dogs were disappearing from their homes. The political leaders coined this oporation "ZOO".  Jackson, after following a dog and watching its activities, was able to form a theory. His theory was that the dogs are being controlled by pheromones, sort of like insects. His theory proved to be correct, and his solution to fix the problem was to eliminate electricity (cell phones, cars, lights, etc) so that the environment resets. 

The President (in the book- a lady) addresses the people and explained that for two weeks there will be no electricity. She explains the theory and asks everyone for their cooperation. For like 3 days, the American people were able to be without their electricity. First the political leaders broke the rules, then the rest of the population. During the ban, the animals were reverting back to regular animals, not wanting to hunt the humans. After the ban was broken, the animals went back to hunting the humans. Jackson, his girlfriend, and his son (he had a son before the ban) then moved with a few of the political leaders to Greenland, as there were no animals there and they were going to "wait out" the ban.

That's where the book ends. He mentions that a few of the leaders commit suicide, because they "were used to the posh life, and this new life was too difficult for them". The book is believable up until the author mentions that pollution and electricity combined will make animals attack humans. I get that pollution is bad for us and the enviromnent, and I am one to pick up trash, and recycle.  It felt like this book had an agenda, and they laid it down pretty thick. The scientific elements were barely believable. They did their best to explain how this could happen, but I was still left with a few more questions that weren't answered in the book. 

The story line was great and kept the pages turning. The political leaders messing things up, not listening to the scientific community and later breaking the rules was very accurate and believable. The fact that the president was a lady is worrisome, considering Hilary Clinton is running for president now. I hope this book doesn't play a huge impact in the current presidential race. 

Overall, this is a science fiction book, and pretty well done at that. Could use a bit more research in the science element, but overall the book kept me engaged and turning the pages..  

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