Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Juice Detox Attempt Day 1

I did some research about juicing detox, and the overall consensus is that it's healthy.  For 5 days, drinking juice and eliminating toxins from the body sounds like a good idea. I decided to give it a try after spending way too much money for cool sculpting to give myself a great start on my "new body". 

Cool sculpting is a safe, non invasive, way to eliminate fat from specific parts of my body. For me- it was my stomach. I decided to give this a try after years of eating right and on again, off again exercising. I get motivated, I work out, then I stop because I was not seeing the results. Then I would start back up again after missing the void in my daily routine. I wasn't losing many inches, although I felt great! A few months ago, I have committed to working out at least 3 days each week, but still wasn't seeing the fat leave my body. In fact, I gained weight.  My body was able to do things it previously was not able to do and I was proud of that. I was told that I would ever be able to walk, much less run, and currently I am able to run 2 miles, and I'm working on running longer distances and longer times. Eventually, I want to run a half marathon. Anyways, I focused on what my body can do, but the way it looked bothered me. I have a long history with my weight. 

It started when I was in the 5th grade (when I realized that I had bigger thighs that the other girls) into my teens (when I had an eating disorder to deal with it and other things in my life) and now, after having a child, shattering my leg, and squeezing a workout between school, family life, and work. I have tried over the counter diet pills, diet pills prescribed by a doctor, tests to make sure my hormones weren't out of whack (they're not), working out and eating right (but those have been constant). I figured "what else is there to do?" So I looked into liposuction- not my thing and way to invasive for me. With only 60% of the people who decide to do the liposuction keep it off. That percentage was not high enough for me. If I am spending that much money, I want the weight to stay off. So I looked further, and cool sculpting came up in my search results. It's expensive, but has a 95% success rate. You can't beat that!!!! So, cool sculpting it is. After fighting with myself about the cost (it was a doozy!!!) I decided that this was the next step in my weight loss journey, and possibly I'll get my self esteem back. So, I took the plunge. While I am healing from that, I decided to go on a juice detox for a few days.

The sugars in the juice are NOT the same as the sugars in candy, ice cream, coffee creamers, and the like. The fruits and veggies in the juice are designed to help my body detox (by feeding it only the things it needs) and eliminating toxins (such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc) simultaneously. It's focus is to teach my body to crave the healthy stuff, and not crave the unhealthy sugars and junk food. My diet overall is pretty healthy, lots of fruits and veggies, lean meats and limited carbs (rice, quinoa, corn and the like). Juicing for a few days will not create nutritional deficits (come on- it's for 5 days!) nor will I starve. I may feel like it, as the research shows that days 2 and 3 are the hardest. I plan to push through, blogging my way through these 5 days, and hope that this information will inspire others to become healthier. 

So, I've made the decision, I am inspired, and I'm ready..  Let's do this.  

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