Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rule Number One

It's 8am and I just woke up from a dream that my bike had a radio. My eyes flutter open with that all too familiar rush; excitement; anticipation.  From that point on, every sound became the sound of a motorcycle screaming "I'm here, Lets ride".

She arrived closer to 930am and I couldn't be happier. After she was checked out and deemed in good working order (and the money paid), she was officially mine.  I named her Rhiannon.

I realized my skills were rusty after several attempts of getting her up the slope of the driveway and stalling out.  After about the 5th time I was mad. Mad at myself, mad at the bike..  How could I have let my skills get so rusty?!? How could I have allowed myself to stay grounded and caged for so long? I tied up my hair, took a breath and decided to listen to her..  The engine, the sounds around me, and feel her and relax.  I got her up the slope and into the garage. That's rule number one: Feel the Bike.

Her name didn't come easy. Every one of my machines had one. The car was called Bruce (the one before was Alice).  Willow and Elsa came to mind, but just didn't fit. They sounded pretty, and may have worked if she was a different color. She wasn't blue, she was purple. Paul suggested Rhiannon- The Horse Goddess who happen to have a holiday coming up.  That sounded perfect!  My steel horse given the name of the protector.  My two loves combined with one name. Perfect. 

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